Friday, October 21, 2011

Tough Thursday

Hey, guys.

Sorry I didn't get around to posting anything on Thursday.  I was b-e-a-t!  Yeap, finally caught up to me.  I just lounged and caught up on some recorded t.v. shows.  The good wife, though somehow the time of recording was messed up on the DVR and it recorded 40 minutes of some dumb show, some couples running around with a map, not sure what it was.  So, I only got to watch about 20 minutes of the Good Wife of the three shows I recorded.  So each left me hanging.  Wow, that sucked!

I just wanted to share something quick with you all today.  Webster's Pages has a wonderful giveaway!  Check it out!

Ok, I will be back later.  I hope to be inspired and inspire.  I will share what inspires me later.  I was dropping by to post for Thursday, since I got a little lazy and didn't.  I found this on FB and wanted to spread the joy Webster's Pages are giving away.  Good luck.  I hope I win!  he he he.

Thanks for dropping by,

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