Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Altered Halloween Coffin Swap

Greetings, All:

I wanted to share my altered Halloween coffin I made for my swap partner with http://creatingthecraftylife.com/.  I was pleased with how it came out that I will have to make one for me also.

I bought the coffins at Michael's last year when they went on sale for like pennies (bought like 9).  Of course, you can still get them but they will cost you I think $2.99 or something like that.

It was really fun doing it.  I just painted, crackled it, covered the inside with red felt and the bottom too.  I made a mini coffin shape tag album to go inside it (I mean you can only put so much in the coffin anyway before it burst).  LOL.  I added embellishments to the outside of it.  The best way for you to have a vision is to show you the results. :)

Here is my altered coffin for swap.
top view

right side view

left side view
inside the coffin
I hope you enjoy the project and get to crafting.  I love Halloween and I need to do more.  I am doing a stick pin swap, ATC Halloween swap, and TP mini swap.  Will post those later.

Thanks for dropping by.
Enjoy the Journey, we only get one.

Live well, laugh often, love a lot.


  1. Howdy Jackie,
    Thanks for visiting my blogs. We are both in the CCL group. I am really excited about crafting. I am a newbie and need all the help I can get. I don't know what glues to use where and so much more.
    But, I know I will have fun as I learn.
    I kind of feel sorry for the ladies that may get my swap items, cause of my newness, but I hope they understand too.
    Take care
    xo Momma Rock

    1. Thank you! Glad you dropped by and looking forward to CCL with you.

  2. Oh.. and your coffin here is great!!! I didn't have the guts to tackle that kinda of project yet. LOL
    take care
    xo... Momma Rock

    1. thanks, again, you would have done great. All the material was from things I have had before.


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