Friday, October 28, 2011

Freaky Friday - Happy Hallows!

Yay, it's Friday and it's Halloween weekend.  I'm excited.  No plans, just love the weekend and that it is Halloween weekend and most importantly - the weather is fangtabulous here!  We will have 46 degree weather tonight!  Love, love the cold weather.  Too bad we don't get snow on ocassion here :)

Hello to all my crafty friends, thanks for dropping by.  I want to welcome the newcomers and thanks for the nice comments.  I appreciate all of you that stop by and visit.

Yesterday I didn't make a post because, to be truthful, I just completely forgot - lol.  Yes, I stayed downstairs doing other things, I was watching television, something I seldom do and lost track of time.  I went to bed around 1:30 a.m., and realized 'Oh, my, I forgot to post'.  LOL, but no worries.  Here I am.

Thursday I worked on a few of the pumpkins I have left.  I decided to do some more vinyl deco from Chic & Scary Cartridge and add a mask w/bling to accent it.  I made that one for my MIL (mother in law).  The rainbow pumpkin is not complete, I may work on it tonight.  I hope you like the pumpkins and mask as attachment, can be used as a costume if you don't have one, lol.

Count down to Halloween Night!

Ok, check this out guys.  I love, love this - I am inspired to make one for Fall too.   Looks like my Halloween one, but really love this look.  I love clocks and hanging things.  I see a Fall wreath in the making. winner.
Well, crafters, thank you for dropping by.  I hope everyone has a spooktacular weekend.  I will post if I find inspiring things to share.

Chat soon.  Live, laugh, and love

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