Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally Friday

Hey, Crafters!

Welcome back.  I hope you all had a constructive week and ready for the weekend.  I know I am most definitely ready!

I found the coolest handbag, are you ready for this!  It is an album, yes, an album made out the shape of a handbag.  Found it featured in Creating Keepsakes Magazine!  Love it.  So, you know I have to share fab-finds!  Here it is, enjoy.

Handbag Album

What you need

  • 1x FabScraps handbag album
  • Craft paint in pink (a metallic pink craft paint has been used for the edges)
  • 4x FabScraps High Tea collection C41 001A (for outside and inside cover)
  • 8x FabScraps High Tea collection C41 006A (for covering of inserts and matting)
  • 8x FabScraps collection C41 005A (covering of inserts and matting)
  • 1x Paper Rose collection code MCDC 04
  • 1x MC41 004 tag booklet
  • 2x Chipboard butterflies or filigree butterflies in pewter or bronze
  • 1x Chipboard swirls (2 per pack) DC25 07
  • 1x Metal wedding code ME 009
  • 1x crystal hatpin
  • Ribbon for bow on the tags
  • Craft glue, sanding tool, craft knife, steel ruler, wooden kebab stick, cutting mat, scissors, tom bow glue for roses, brown chalk, glitter glue, dimension glaze


  1. Using the chipboard bag as your guide, use photocopy paper to create templates for each section. The front flap is done first, then the back of the bag, then the front of the bag, then a strip for the underside of the bag and finally the top in two sections as per the diagram. The diagram is not to scale; it's just a guideline to the sections that need to be cut.
  2. Take the handbag album and paint all folds and edges with pink craft paint. Set aside to dry.
  3. While waiting for the album to dry, use the templates to cut sections out of the C41 001A paper. Once the album has dried, all edges of the outside covers need to been chalked using a brown chalk. Use craft glue paste on the outside and inside of the handbag cover.
  4. Take the inserts from the inside of the album and cut paper to fit, starting with C41 006A for the first page, and C41 005A for the next 2 with until the album inserts are completed. Ink all edges before gluing them to the inserts.
  5. Glue all pages onto the chipboard inserts.
  6. Mat all photos on the opposite paper from the insert page. For example, if the insert paper is mauve, use the music note paper for the photo mat.
  7. Make a rose following instructions on the back of the MCDC 004 Rose collection book. The roses in the example were sanded before being assembled and decorated with stickles and a drop of dimension glaze to make water droplets.
  8. The chipboard swirls were covered with brown chalk and then a thin layer of dimension glaze was applied and left to dry.
  9. Once all of the products have dried, decorate the bag using the roses, butterflies and swirls tags from the MC41 001 booklet. Small paper roses may also be used to fill in small spaces.
  10. Apply the metal word Wedding (ME 009) to the outside of the front of the book as per the picture above.
  11. Enjoy your beautiful little coffee table album! Let your imagination run wild when decorating the cover.

Well, have a wonderful weekend all.  I am glad you have enjoyed this weeks projects.  Enjoy the journey, get inspired, and craft a lot.  Until next week.

Thanks for dropping by.

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