Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birfday, Diego!

Ok, hope the weekend has been productive.  I have tried to finish up all my projects, but sigh, no way, I seem to have too many to do.  I will post some tomorrow. 

Today is dedicated to my lil Diego!  It's his birfday!  He is ONE!  Yay!  My lil handsome boy is growing up.  Diego's lil tister came and visited him today to wish him a 'happy birfday'.  She came with gifts! The Mikel's brought Olive too to visit her big brodar.  She also brought Diego a bag full of goodies.  He had balloons and a new blanket and a rope toy.  We shall see how long this blanket last, it's beautiful.  Diego is only going to get it at night for sleeping.  LOL.

Thank you, Lucretia and family for the visit, Diego misses you guys and loved his visit.  He was so excited to see his lil tister that he was calm and pe-pe'd (he has never done that).  The excitement of seeing Olive again got the best of him.  LOL.

Ok, well, here are some pictures of his visit and gifts!

Thanks all for dropping by.  As always, it's been fun and a pleasure to share my day with you.
Until tomorrow, hugs.
Live, laugh, and craft.

Diego thanks everyone for his birfday wishes, and especially his family, the Mikel's and his lil tister, Olive. :)


  1. Happy Barkday, Diego. Hope you had a memorable day.

  2. This is by far my favorite blog! I love this! Thank you so much for letting us and Olive spend time with Diego on his was so awesome! Oh and thanks for the tour of the "craft room" it is so cool! Love the pics!


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