Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Sunday

FIRST:  I want to wish my beautiful, intellegent, and sometimes I don't understand, but always will love and cherrish, lovely child o'mine (daughter) a very very Happy Birthday!  May your days be filled with happiness, laughter, and joy with the people that truly love you!  Your Family!  I will forever and eternity love you with all my heart unconditionally!  Happy 23rd, Ashley!
pre-k  3 1/2 years old
Now on to more fun!

Here is a another great giveaway from the couple that keeps on giving.  Help them reach their 700 follower goal.  There projects are amazing.  Here is all the information.  Go now, hurry.


Hey Ya'll,
Well, it's the 19th... So that means that we have another announcement to make.  We had such a great time and such a wonderful response to our 500+ follower celebration that we actually bypassed 600 followers!!!  Can you believe it?!?  YAY!!!  We are so thrilled!  So, what do we do now.  Well, how about another giveaway?  As we mentioned before, we both work in retail.  It's the busiest time of the year!  Next week is Thanksgiving, or in our house, known as Black Friday.  Hee! Hee!  Thing have been so nuts, that we haven't had time to do much crafting lately, so we are a little light on content.  Since we had so much fun with the last giveaway, we are going to do it again and see if we can reach 700 followers!!!  There will be 4 prizes.  One Big Prize and three little surprise prizes just for fun.  The big prize is going to be...

with Cricut Cake Basics Cartridge
That's Right!  We had so much fun with this and were so excited to see so many new followers that we ordered another machine!  Just for you!

This post will be where the winner is selected from.  There are three ways to win, like before.

1.  Comment here telling us the funniest and/or craziest thing you have ever done and/or scene during Christmas.  We can't wait to hear these stories!
2.  Keep the celebration button on your blog until the extension is over (repost letting us know you did or are going to).
3.  Announce the extension on your blog again (please repost with a link).

You don't have to do all of these, but each one will give you another chance to win.  We will announce the winners on Monday, November 28th.  The three surprise gifts will not be announced.  These are just for fun and will be announced on the same day as the winner of the machine.  This contest is open to followers only, so if you aren't a follower already, you will need to be one to be eligible to win.

Thanks for dropping by again, I know everyone will be busy preparing for Thanksgiving.
As always your comments are very appreciated.  Please come again.
Enjoy the journey, live well, laugh often, love a lot, and be happy ;)

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  1. Happy B day to your daughter!

    What an awesome giveaway!


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