Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whopping Wednesday!

Good Afternoon, Guys:

I am excited about my find today.  Yes, it's Fall; and yes, more pumpkins!  These are so easy and elegant for decor in your homes.  You don't even have to be a crafter to make!  Ann, yes, I will have several of these inside my house - drop by!

These are made from paper napkins, how cool is that?  Very! :)  Following are the supplies and instructions to complete this fantabulous project.  You know you do not have to follow the colors exactly, please make them to match your decor and taste.  This is inspired by PLAID, creative ideas made easy.

Fall Halloween Napkin Pumpkin

Here are the supplies you will need and instructions:
FolkArt -Acrylic Colors - wicker white, 2 oz (can be your preference)
FolkArt - Acrylic Colors - Licorice, 2 oz
Mod Podge Matte, 32 oz

(you can get these supplies at your local craft store)
Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a good selection of acrylic colors, I usually get the one on sale, like them all.

Other Supplies:
Large craft pumpkin (also your preference)
4 polka dot napkins (orange white)
4 floral/damask napkins (black and white)
1 black crayon
1 fall floral pick
hot glue and glue gun

  1. Cut napkins in wedges to fit the pumpkin vertically, with the widest part (approx. 2 ½“) in the middle and tapering to about 3/4” on each end.
  2. Carefully peel the back layer of each napkin piece (the white part) apart. (Most napkins are two-ply).
  3. Use Mod Podge to adhere each napkin wedge to pumpkin (refer to photo). Gently smooth out with your fingers as you work; napkins will tear easily. Allow to dry.
  4. Use the crayon to give the pumpkin a distressed/softer look by coloring a line along the edge of each napkin wedge (refer to photo).
  5. Give the pumpkin another coat of Mod Podge. Allow to dry by setting the pumpkin upside down in a wide mouthed bottle.
  6. Paint the leaf in the floral pick.
Well, I hope you get crafty and try these out.  If you make a few, send me pictures.  I will post them on my blog.  Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come back.
Have a great and blessed day, I would love to hear from you.
Jackie, OXOX

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  1. Cute...cute...cute. I bet you could use a Styrofoam, too. You are such a bad influence on me...bought another pumpkin today!


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