Friday, September 23, 2011

Fancy Friday!

Greetings, my friends!

I wanted to share this awesome site I found.  For you Vinyl Queens out there, it is endless with the ideas and the colors and what you can decorate!  What will you dream up?

Today is Friday, yay!  Looking forward to the weekend.  Had a hard time getting back into the grind of things (work).  Really, can't say I am really even back in the grind, I sort of slaced this wee (at work).  But I think it's okay, deserve a slack time here and there.

I have pictures to share from the retreat and projects.  Will post those at the end.  Right now I want to share this fabulous new site.  I love it.
There are so many  things you can cover, make, decorate, and dream up!  Check their site out:  The name says it all.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.  I hope to be creating so I can inspire!  If I finish my projects I will post and share with you all.

Thanks for dropping by.

here are some pictures from last weekend.  Enjoy!
 Halloween projects I worked on - skull w/vinyl - hand made the mask because my Chic & Scary Cart did not work!
 Close up of the skull - mod podge paper, distressed it, cut vinyl spider web, bats, put flowers and bling on it - and a spider coming out of its eye!
 a view of a before w/the crown on and the after
 The pumpkins w/cut out figures from Happy Haunting cartridge
 L & L Retreat - front porch
 pasture view
 side pasture view - with cows
 side view
 another side
 the actual house/retreat area
 Ann Satterwhite working in her space
work space fully loaded!


  1. Like I said earlier, how many pumpkins can a girl have? I will work on the rest of mine this weekend. I was "inspired" by all of your blingy stuff....I think you are rubbing off on me. LOL

    I so totally enjoyed the retreat center and really want to go back. Wanna' go back in March with Sondra?


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