Monday, September 26, 2011

Mad Monday :~

Hey, fellow crafters!

Wow, Monday it was/is!  I had jury duty Thursday (no work) and played hooky on Friday.  So, it was a bit tough getting back into the swing of 'work'.  I also had lots of correspondences waiting for me from lawyers - ugh.  Along with trying to check all my 'special emails' (my scrappers blogs and emails - lol).  I also had to check 'work' emails from again, lawyers - ugh - lol.  Busy day, busy.  I am just getting around to blogging today.  It's late.  I watered all my plants out in my jungle, I fed the dogs, I vacuumed two rooms because my doggie, Diego shredded a towel all over my living room and computer room.  Wonder who let him out!  Yes, hubby.  But who can resist Diego!

I signed up for a pin cushion swap on Drew's blog:
And I was partnered up with Allison H.  I am excited because it appears we like a lot of the same things.  Excited about the swap - it will be my first!  Woo-hoo!

I found some more pumpkins and Fall ideas to share with you, even some made out of fabric, how cool is that. Check this site out:

The ideas are endless!  I love them all!  September is almost over, wow!  We are officially in "Fall Season"  I know that's hard for us to grasp here in TEXAS!  But it is still Fall and I love Fall and everything about it.  Something about the air and the colors and the time of season it is.  Puts me in a 'happy mood'.

Well, my dear crafters, I appreciate you dropping by.  Until tomorrow.  I am going to try to post pictures of my scrap room - I went vinyl happy and want to share!

Have blessed and great evening.
Going to go watch a fabulou class w/Helmar USA and Tracy!

Woop-woop (hands in the air).

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