Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tasteful Thursday!

Ok, guys.  Today I had jury duty - yay!  So, I thought.  I work in a Civil District Court in Harris County and I have been wanting to see how it feels to be on the other end of the stick.  I have lived in Pearland for about, I think 17-18 years, and have been called to serve my civic duty TWICE...uhmmm, that's nothing.  "Hey, Pearland, don't complain about people not showing up, you don't call them".

Ok, well, I had waited so long and finally received my jury letter in the mail...sigh...yay, but only to Municipal Court - wow.  Anyway - I went, I served, and didn't get picked.  Must say the Court Rooms in Municipal Court are bigger than Harris County's District Courts - hmmmmm, something wrong w/that picture.  Yeah, my tax dollars - they are taking too much in Pearland!  Ok, well.  I decided to go home after I was released and lounge.  Decided it was blogging time.

Today I am going to share a cute idea I came across from "Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons".  Yes, it's Halloween theme!  But awesome for Halloween party snacks.  You ready!  Spiders made from a plum and grapes.  How fun is that!  Easy too.

It is a cool Halloween fun and Spooky Spider Snack! You make this using 1 plum, 12 pretzel sticks, edible eyes, and a big hand full of dark grapes.

You poke 3 holes on each side of the plum with a knife. Take 6 pretzel sticks and push them into the holes. Poke a hole on the ends of the grapes and slide them onto the pretzel sticks leaving just a bit of the pretzel showing. Fill up the other pretzel sticks with grapes and poke a hole on the end grape with the kitchen knife. Press that onto the end of the pretzel that is showing. Stick on the edible eyes with cream cheese (you could use peanut butter) and that's it!

You could also do this snack by pressing raisins on the pretzel sticks instead of using grapes. A quick  decorative snack and everyone will love it and it makes a fabulous Halloween decoration for a party.  How awesome is that!!

Thanks for dropping by!  Enjoy your Tasteful Thursday!

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  1. Jackie, Thanks for sharing your blog link with me! I LOVE this spider & know the kids will enjoy it too!!! Take care & see you on the Stream :-)


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