Friday, February 3, 2012

February Already!

Greetings All:

Wow!  Where did January go?  I still do not feel I have recovered from the holidays.  I have been busy at work and busy at home.  I have had other things going on too that have taken me away from my crafting.  I will be back as soon as all those issues have been taken care of.

I am also moving my craft room to the bigger room in the house and making my craft room a guest room.  My daughter moved out and so I am taking her room as my craft room.  As soon as that is done I can post some pictures and hopefully get back into the swing of working in my craft room.

I have a retreat in March, I hope I can get ready for it with all that has been popping up, I am exhausted thinking about just getting ready for it.  But I am sure I will.  It is always good to get away and get some projects completed.

I also wanted to share what I saw on the news the other day.  Moms making money on blogs.  Check this out:

I hope everyone is having a fabulous year so far.  Please leave some messages and let me know what you are doing and what you would like to see later.

Until then...

Enjoy the journey, live well, laugh often, and love a lot.  Be happy!

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